Mirror the screen of your PC as well as iOS and Android devices
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Broadcasts the content of your screen to colleagues and friends, up to 40 participants, or simply record your screen activity. Find use for the tool in multiple domains and occasions, like education, to record an experiment and share it, or in the gaming profession, to show your friends a new game and the gameplay.

Use Mirroring360 to wirelessly mirror & record your Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac screens without the need for hardware or cables. With new Mirroring360 Pro, you can also broadcast your computer screen to up to 40 participants and they can view on their devices with a simple web link. Mirroring360 is also iOS 11 ready! Start sharing your work, your ideas, and your latest apps with Mirroring360!

Cast your device screens onto a computer + projector, wirelessly, from anywhere in the classroom or meeting room! Watch video. Teachers and students can share & record any content from their devices to the computer + projector or interactive whiteboard right from their seats. Watch video. Presenters, educators, and gamers can easily record the live content on their mobile devices to the computer for replay & sharing.

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